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Your Fingerprints

Lately I have had the remarkable opportunity to present to high school students the concept of how their decisions as a teenager can have an astounding effect on the rest of their lives. It is my hope that in some way my message might have a positive effect on that process. My dream of course, is that the effect would be astounding and their lives, if need be, might completely change direction. However it would seem that mostly what I hope for is that their life experience might include my fingerprints.

Fingerprints! As I consider this it is impossible for me to overlook the people who over the years have left their fingerprints on me. Some of them, of course, have been very negative. Their effect would have been devastating had it not been for the positive ones, which smudged them over or completely wiped them away. No doubt we all have somewhat these same experiences.

As humans, it seems to me anyway, we all have the ability to leave our fingerprints on others; our children, our spouses, significant others, the person in the elevator, or the one filling their gas tank on the other side of the pump.

Where do you leave yours? Are they the endearing type or are they the kind that needs to be forgotten and wiped clean? Are they a smile or a snarl or something in between? Later!

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