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Tough Spots !!

This morning during my quiet time I came across the story of the Prodigal Son. I particularly noticed how the son, when he was yet a long way off was seen by his father . The father, unaware of his son’s recent change of heart, was still looking for him, and when he saw him, ran to greet him even though, in the Jewish tradition he would most certainly been considered to be completely worthless. On the other hand this story was not told in the context of Jewish tradition, but in the contest of an infinite, all encompassing Love!!

In reading this story I began as I have done over and over, pondering my vision of God. What are his attributes? How does he see me? How do I see him? What is his message? No doubt when the young man in was feeding his master’s pigs he too was considering these same questions.

At the bottom of my life these too were the questions I asked. Jeans was chronically sick. We had five children between the ages of infant and nine years. During that same time we were financially broke and unable to provide for all of them. I was definitely in very tough spot. Some nights when I couldn’t sleep I would go for long walks. Out under the stars I found peace in viewing the magnificence of God’s universe. And like the kid in the story I found hope that somehow my Father would make it all OK. Later!

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