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Recently I moved a couple pieces of equipment to my home on Beaver Lake to aid me in building a small dock around the back side of the jet-ski lift. Without this it is rather difficult to mount and dismount the jet-ski, especially for the ladies. Building it this time of year allows me to do the work while standing o the ice. As I was operating the skid-loader along the street moving materials from the trailer to the lake, one of the neighbors pulled up to see what I was doing. I told him that I was building this small dock. With a rather incredulous look on his face he responded that that he wished he had as much energy as me.

It was 15 degrees, cloudy, with 10 mph wind from the northwest. In other words it was cold! And I was dressed and prepared for what I intended to accomplish. He on the other hand wished he had something hat he obviously didn’t. The word he used that I what to zero in on here is, “wish”. He wished.

I am 65 years old. I take a chemo drug for my cancer, hormone replacement therapy, drugs to counteract depression, supplements to keep my cholesterol in check, and several others which I have discovered will ward off the effects of old age. By the time I had spoken to him that morning I had slept nine hours and spent the better part of an hour in thought and prayer. Off and on for the past forty some years I have seen a therapist to overcome the experiences of my youth and to help me any time my thinking became skewed. I have read numerous books on the interior life and self-improvement and biographies of great people. I have worked smart and incessantly to realize my dreams. But in all honestly folks, one thing I have never done, and that is wish. I have never wished. I don’t wish. And I hope I never do. Wishing is easy. It can have the effect of influencing one to sit on his/her backside and do nothing. It changes nothing and accomplishes nothing. Having something other than what you have it is going to require doing. That likely will require changing. If you dial a phone number and the party that answers tells you that you have the wrong number, will wishing it to be the correct the number change the outcome? And furthermore will continually dialing the same number over and over again get you any closer to your goal? It has been my long term observation that if you do what you do, you will get what you got. How is this anything other than reasonable? Later!

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