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Delaying Happiness?

I’ve missed you guys!! The last time I put up a blog post was May 9th. That little ditty, entitled “Liars, Drunks and Crazy People” marked my frustration in dealing with folks who are impossible to deal with. Those frustrations along with the summer and fall responsibilities led me to put off writing to the next day and the next day and the next! I am now about 240 days since the last time I did what I just totally enjoy. Writing!! I totally enjoy writing. How is it that I have put off this enjoyment for so long? What force causes me to not do what makes me happy? Good question, huh?

When Jean and I moved to this farm where we now reside there were in the family room a set of drapes. They were placed there by the previous renters who had lived here for the previous twenty-five years. They were going to put in a good word for us with the landlord so we might have a better chance of being rewarded with the rental contract. For these drapes they wanted 150.00. We didn’t want the drapes. Jean thought they were just plain ugly. But we thought, Oh Well! We’d somehow scrape up the money which was lot for us at the time. Jean said we could always change them out after a couple years. As it went we were awarded the contract on the farm and the drapes were ours. We did not change them out that year or the next or the next or the next. In fact we didn’t change them out for 21 years. The way that happened was to put it off and off and off. Day after day, week after week, month after month, years after year. For 21 years those old drapes hung in our family room and they were just as ugly when we took them down as they were when we bought them.

I put off writing this blog for over seven months. Was there really anything so important that I procrastinated doing what makes me happy for that long. I don’t think so. I could have fitted it in somewhere. I just didn’t do it. Plain and simple. Which causes me to ask myself, what else is there that makes me happy that I put off and off and off? And further more what is there that you put off and off and off that makes you happy! That one’s for you!! Later

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