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Intimate Conections

No doubt we are all at least somewhat guilty of taking that special someone with whom we live for granted. With that in mind, how would it be if the person stopped loving you? “What? “ You might exclaim, “Why would I spend any time thinking about that? I have every bit of confidence that he/she does.”

I can think of a couple reasons for giving this consideration. First it would seem that it would be beneficial to examine the source of that confidence. From where does it come? Why would one be that sure of loves inevitability. It would seem no one would be so wonderfully perfect that a choice to love would in all reality be a non-choice. Since I doubt that would be the case, a couple questions would seem to follow. One, how could anyone become so wonderfully perfect in the first place? And/or two, how many unresolved problems have been swept under the rug in an effort to maintain such an erroneous self-concept? Doing so, it would seem could lead to disaster. This potential situation inevitably comes to mind when I learn of a marriage that disintegrated after years and years; sometimes, even decades.

The second reason I believe important for giving this consideration is simply this. Joy is found in the present. It is only in the “right now” which we find true love. Love is not yesterday; love is not tomorrow. It is in the now, in the eternal present. Relishing this can only give one an appreciation for the others in our life. It causes our love basket to continuously run over because the present is ever moving forward. How can this cause anything other than a quest for connection and reconciliation? How can this quest lead to something other than intimacy significant to that which God desires to have with us all? Later!!

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