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The Best We Can Be!!

It seems to me there is much which is forever lost along with anyone when he or she passes on. Their posterity likely will know little of their struggles and the lessons the learned from the challenging experiences during their lives. It seems especially true this day and age when so many families are dispersed and/or broken. I have found that nearly everyone of whom I have ever asked the question, “What’s your dream?” responds that they do have one. The answer always comes quickly. On the other hand when asking the next question, “How do you plan to achieve it?” I find the answers many times skewed and illogical. It has been my experience that dreams are the life-blood of individual progress. So much so, that without them, human existence tends to become listless and mundane, that pursuing them with without a plan is little other than frustrating. On the other hand chasing them in a sound and rational way is a most exciting adventure. This blog site along with my book, Smell the Dirt, outlines and explains a mindset, which has provided my family and me with a truly remarkable life. Please come join me as we more and more become best we can be. Later??

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