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Money, Sex and Fun!!

Several weeks ago Jean and I attended a get together, which included our adult children, their spouses and two nursing babies, Amy and Elizabeth. During the evening as Jean and I were holding them, someone snapped our picture which was later posted on Facebook. As I was checking out the post the next evening I began thinking about the value of these two little souls. In doing so the question popped into my mind as to how much love might they expound in an eternity. Not in a physical human life time but I an eternity and what would be the value of all that love. The answer, of course is mind-boggling. There, of course are many who discount the whole idea of eternity and have replaced it with the idea that human existence is a mere accident. And that when our bodies die its all over. In other words, when it’s dead its dead. We could remain as a memory for a generation or two, but then after that well, were just gone. This line of thinking which seems to have permeated every nook and cranny of our cultural existence, it would seem to me anyway, is what some thinkers label as the “culture of death”. OK. So what’s the big deal? We we get as much money, sex, and fun out of this life as we can, and maybe attend church once in a while for a little insurance, kick the bucket and make room for the next bunch to do the same. Which of course leads to another question, where does this lead? How could all this “centered on ones self” lead to anything other than the desire for more money, more sex and more fun? I mean, really, if this is the mindset, what else is there? I see everywhere parents who would adamantly agree with my conclusion, yet are doing little to stop this indoctrination of their children who are being led down this dead end street by virtually every secular movie, TV show and retail checkout line in the country. They are just kids. They don’t need video games and designer jeans. They need their parent’s time and attention and adults who expound on the reality that there is a whole lot more to being rich than having more and bigger “stuff.” Later!

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