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Pulling Radishes?

Early in his life, Karol Wojtyla ,came to this conclusion. “After many experiences and a lot of thinking I am convinced that the objective starting point of love is the realization that I am needed by another. The person who objectively needs me most is also, for me, objectively the person I most need. This is a fragment of life’s deep logic (emphasis in original).

Recently one morning I woke up early with this on my mind. I looked over as Jean was sleeping. I began to lose myself in this realization that for almost forty-four years we have built a family in love and in need of each other. That thought pervaded my mind and for a little while I just basked in the thought. It seems to me that if there is anything golden about the golden years, this must be it. While many seniors (as the folks in our age group are sometimes referred to) spend much their time traveling or golfing or fishing or some sort of relaxing pastime, Jean and I do what a friend of mine refers to as “staying home and pulling radishes while our contemporaries are traveling the world”. My response to his musing was that maybe they are out searching for that which we have found right here at home. Why would we want to be distracted from that which is truly important? Later!

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