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Musings of the Privy!

It’s cold this morning in Nebraska. I mean like pushing 10 below zero. But what difference does it make? When I sat down on the bathroom stool it was the same temp as two mornings ago when it was thirty above.

As a boy it wasn’t like that. We didn’t have artificial heat in our bathroom—ah, well, I guess it wasn’t a bathroom. Bathrooms are where one takes a bath. We had an outhouse and that sure wasn’t the case there. On mornings like this the pot seat would be the same temp as the air, minus 10!! Whoa baby! That butt ring left by the pot seat was closer to frostbite than one gained simply from sitting too long while reading the newspaper. Furthermore we didn’t have newspapers in there. We had the previous years Sears and Roebuck catalog as a substitute for when the TP roll hanging on a rusty piece of #9 wire ran out and Mom hadn’t yet replaced it. I think about experiences such as this from time to time. Not in a sense to bemoan them but in a sense that they add color and richness to my experience. Even if I could I would not change them. An old friend once told me to never forget where I come from. I think that was sound advice. However I’d like to add, “and don’t be ashamed of it either. “ Some start with a whole lot more and end with a whole lot less. I like more. Experiencing less has added to my more. Later

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